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Draw your dream house activity

Sorting Shapes

Weekly Planner

In the Classroom- Vocabulary Card

Hello speech bubble poster

Weekly Reward Chart

Helpful or Harmful- Manners Worksheet

Fun Friday Connect the dots

Feelings card for emotional literacy

Nursery Rhyme match up

See and Draw- The world around us

Social Emotional Learning SEL for Kids

My dreams, thinking of the future

Match the correct number and shape

Prepositions- Read and Draw

Number Sequence

Drawing & Writing Activity

Autumn Quiz

Reading Comprehension

Short A Vowel

Math Pack


All About Me

Coloring worksheet

Number 1-20 on Autumn Leaves

Number 1-20 on Pumpkins

Potty Training Chart

Superstar Certificate

Hand-wash procedures

Learning Toilet Procedures

Two years progress check checklist

Learning Animals

What's the weather?

Learning Colors

Black and White shapes and patterns

Happy Home Maze Puzzle

Parts of the body- KS1/KS2

Verbs, Nouns, Adjectives- KS1/KS2

Find the differences - KS1/KS2

Increase - Decrease - KS2

Number Words - Cut and paste activity

Phonics - Complete the words - KS2

Colour match the picture

Happy Tooth Maze Puzzle

Identify the picture- ks1/ks2

Let's Count the Flowers - KS1/KS2 Maths


Find the letters - KS1

Tracing Letters - KS2

Fun Subtraction worksheet - KS2

Long A Vowel - KS1 English

Animal sounds worksheet- KS1

Column Addition - KS1

Jumbles words - English worksheet KS1

Missing Numbers - KS1

Fill in the missing letters - KS1

Word list - English Vocabulary

Choose the correct word - KS1

Hopping along in twos - KS1

Counting back Dinosaurs- (KS1)

Matching sets of animals - KS1

Identifying words - Phonics

Quiz - kS2

Match the shapes - Matching activity

Large numbers - Mathematics

Complete the numbers - Mathematics

School supplies - English

Read and find

Read and colour

The five senses of winter

Mathematics - Addition for eyfs

Label the face parts

What's my sound - Phonics

Numbers - Fun maths activity

Winter Clothes Word Search

Professionals Matching

Circling correct body parts

Valentines Maze

Valentines Day Tracing Activity

Valentines Day - Maths Counting

Valentines Day - Word Match

Fun Valentines day - Activities - worksheet

Phonics - Beginning sounds

Living and non living things

Snails - English reading - non fiction

Indefinite article - An/A

Adjectives and Nouns

Adjectives - observing pictures

Counting Hearts - Valentines Day Worksheet

Alphabets - Valentines Day worksheet

Maths worksheet - Biggest object

Letter G English worksheet

Learning body parts

When questions - English language

Chinese zodiac signs word search

Colouring Chinese new year lantern

Colour by word classes

Sound mat - Phonics for sen

2D Shapes in the Environment - Matching Cards

Daily schedule visual timetable

Visual timetable - school setting

Maths Vocabulary- (Addition, Subtract, Multiply)

Meal time display poster

Maths vocabulary

Open ended questions and prompts to extend play

Chocolate playdough recipe

I'm a little teapot - Poetry

Match the prefixes and root words

Dinosaur Missing number 1-20 activity

Emotion discs for children

My senses - hearing sensory activity

My senses - Sight - Sensory activity

Use the correct homophone

Festive Fingerprint

Make a 'g' trail

Christmas missing punctuation worksheet

Unscramble words

Whole scheme sound mat

Phonics - Letters - words

Trace the Elf

Christmas connecting dots - Pencil control patterns

Christmas block graph - Maths

Cutting and completing pattern - Christmas activity

Pencil control activity - World Cup

25 days of Christmas template

Christmas page border worksheet writing

CVC Word and picture matching - Christmas

Match the colours to the numbers - Christmas activity

1-20 Christmas missing numbers

Christmas word search

Design your own Christmas jumper

Peer Assessment Sheet

KS2 Self Evaluation

Remembrance day word search

Sensory Processing

Speech, Language and Communication Needs Mind Map

Notification of allergies

End of KS1 Expectations interim assessment sheet - reading

End of ks1 expectations assessment sheet - reading

Pencil control and grip assessment checklist

Poppy Counting Activity

Remembrance day colouring

0 to 1 year old 'I can' assessment flower

Learning numbers - 1-10 phonics

Spelling practice -Fun activity - phonics

Matching addition

Word categories

Learning about the letter C

What do you know about senses?

Apple Math

Leisure Activities- Matching activity

Tracing Letters - M and R

Drawing - Flower pots

Halloween putting Numbers in order

Fun Questions- Cutting activity

Remembrance Day colouring worksheet

Phonics - aeiou worksheet

Colouring leaves by numbers activity

Drawing and tracing emotion words

Maths - Add/Subtract

Black history Month activity

Autumn Colour Pattern

Autumn Writing

Halloween Characters - Labelling activity

Types of celebrations

Autumn fun colouring activity

Diwali Matching Activity

Halloween - English worksheet

Halloween colouring

Fun Halloween Counting Activity

Design the pumpkin - Halloween activity

Diwali Counting

Diwali word search

Diwali Word Mat

Colouring Diya Lamps - Diwali

Year 2 Maths Assessment Targets

Year 1 Maths Assessment Targets

1 to 2 years old - I Can

Two to Three years old - I Can

Autumn checklist hunt

Autumn leaves colour change

How good are our nursery provisions? evaluation

Three to four year olds - I can

Detailed observation form - development matters

All about me flower - personal development

Nursery new starter checklist

Alphablocks Alphabets

Starting school questionnaire

Registration form

EYFS Baseline Assessment

Names of shapes - Phonics

Discover the words

The letter P - Phonics

Fun vowel activity

Sequencing Butterfly Life Cycle

Opposites - Special needs education - phonics

Water Cycle

Fun pictogram activity

Halloween word search - English

English grammar and reading

Tracing and colouring shapes

Alphabet writing practice

Tracing rhyming words - Sen education

Which has more vegetables? - fun math activity

Winter Mathematics

Science - Solids and liquid


Community helpers - matching activity sen

Match the colours - butterflies

What Plants Need To Grow?

Beginning Sounds

Number bonds

Life cycle of a bird

Single numbers subtraction

Fill in the blank activity

Tick the healthy foods

Pick the odd one out

Colouring the circles

Matching Face Features

Learning about British values

Flower colours

Things at School

Bubble addition

Trace and colour the shapes

Twinkle Twinkle song board - phonics

Label the action words

Learn what dissolves in water

Animal matching - Matching activity

Objects Phonics- SEN education

Nursery rhymes board

Wheels on the bus - Song board

Singular and plural nouns - Writing activity

Maze game - Amy and the dog

Trace the dots- fine motor skills

Dice addition - fun maths activity

Plural nouns - Fun English activity

Odd one out

Naming healthy and unhealthy foods

Counting objects- fun activity

Find the differences worksheet 2

Find the differences

Tick the healthy food

The number Eight

colour the balloons

Connect the flowers

School supplies labelling

Build your pizza

Weather report fun activity

Promoting British values

Nursery Golden Words - Kind words

Underwater - letter sorting

Nouns - Names of something

English verbs - doing words

Balloons counting

Fun letter activity

Types of job roles

Children survey

Parent/teacher meeting form

What do I eat? fun animal activity

Alphabets with pictures - SEN education

Completing number ladder

Match the Colours - SEN

Animals fun activity

Multiplication and addition - Maths activity

letter understanding

Magic portion - Sorting activity

Singular and plural nouns - English

5 facts about me

Basic Sign Language- SEN

Pencil control worksheet

Who do you want to become when your older?

Class evaluation

Week overview to do

SEN- friendly classroom checklist

Positive adjectives word search

Tracing W - writing practice

Number pattern - nursery maths


Counting - reception maths

Count the crayons - maths

All about me - board game

Nursery riddles

Goosey goosey gander - Baby singing

Cursive writing activity

Missing Number - reception worksheet

Earth Colouring

Letter F Tracing

Name the fruits

Body parts - Reception personal development

Rhyming words - Reception worksheet

Reception - Addition - Mathematics

Colours of the rainbow scavenger hunt

Adjectives activity

Food word mat

Numbers - Fun activity

write the words in the boxes - English

Parts of plants - understanding the world

Smashing similes

Ordering the 4 digit numbers - maths

Fill in the clouds - English writing

Build the sentence

Eid Colouring Bunting

Teacher recording sheet - child observation

Quality first teaching checklist to support pupils learning EAL

Knowledge about eid - Writing

Eid Al - adha English writing activity

Eid Al - Adha word search

Missing numbers

Fun colour and paint activity

Name the objects

Counting the cubes

My culture and tradition

End of KS1 expectations assessment sheet

Family sentence construction worksheet

Floating Dry Erase marker experiment

EYFS Individual child fine motor skills assessment sheet

Dancing rice - Experiment

Name three rhyming words - 4

Name three rhyming words - 3

Name Three rhyming words - 2

Name three rhyming words - 1

vowel sounds mat - English

Eid al- adha word mat

A big fuss - Reading/questions

Sports day word search

Sports day word mat

Treasure basket

EYFS - Learning opposites

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star Nursery Rhyme Picture Flashcards

Classroom instructions - fill in the blanks

Trace and write the shapes

Match the butterflies

British values, Democracy reading activity

Phonics SEN - action sound mat

Counting patterns beyond 10

Phonics activity mat 2

Fine motor skills - place bottle caps

EYFS Individual child gross motor skills assessment template

Writing activity - All about me, staying healthy

Flowers word search

Count and colour - maths

Addition mathematics riddles

Phonics activity mat

5 times tables - worksheet

Learning about feelings - emotional development

Matching the shapes - Maths activity

Circle the correct word - picture/words

Animals - maths coordinates

Making bubbles - Science

Vegetables/Fruits riddles

Colour word mat

Building Bricks addition

Addition within 20

Mathematics quiz 3 - Test

Mathematics quiz 2 - Test

Mathematics quiz 1 - Test

People who help us - Writing activity

People who help us - fill in the blanks

People who help us - Match the pictures

Firefighter rhyme poem

Maths table riddles

Missing numbers multiplication square

Circle the correct initial

Physical actions - gross motor skills

Create a castle - Fine motor skills

Summer sunset art

Europe colouring sheet

Initial sounds - Phonics - write the initial

Fine motor skills 6 tasks

MInibeast - Fine motor skills tracing

Butterfly lifecycle - place the pictures in the right order

Outdoor activities challenge

Caterpillar pattern tracing activity

Cutting skills - cutting shapes

Circle the stars - Fine motor skills

Quick read with questions

Letter 'L' Formation

Match the verbs with the pictures

Using verbs - English task

rainbow pattern tracing challenge

Gross motor skills four tasks

Fine motor skills three tasks

Play dough challenge - Fine motor skills

Moon fine motor skills

Gross motor roll and exercise

Fine motor skills - buttons activity

Gross motor skills challenge poster

Float or sink poster

Types of vitamins

Pick up litter poster

Adjectives display poster

Solving problems - Doubling

Pictures and captions matching activity

Nursery English activity worksheet

initial sounds - phonics

Alphabets with pictures

Cinderella word mat

Superhero maze

Floating boats challenge experiments

Rainbow bubble snake experiment

Magnetic experiment - science

Assess, Plan, Do, Review: Planning frame

Family members

Subtraction and Addition worksheet

Space fix the picture subtraction - maths

Initial letter matching

Vocabulary pyramid

Monster Adjectives

Matching and reading

Letter Formation Characters

Rainbow button placing fine motor skills

EYFS Birth to 5 matters prime areas of learning termly progress record

Butterfly doubles - maths

Cardboard tube blossom tree - Craft

word challenge worksheet

Fathers day foot prints - craft

Best Dad in the world certificate

Who is my dad? - Dad profile

Father's Day 'My Dad' Description Worksheet

Fathers day medal card - Colouring

Fathers day tie craft

Fathers day gift ideas

Fathers day word mat

Little Fingerprints Poem Father's Day

CVC Words - look, trace , write

How to tell the time

Eating Healthy

Number matching caterpillar

Sound mat - Special needs education

jungle animals - Tracing

The counting bus

Types of nutrients

Time display poster

British values list

Tracing activity - SEN

Dotted Tracing worksheet -

Respecting everyone

Different religions

Diversity poster

School readiness - Indoor checklist

School Crossing Patrol Stick Puppets

Getting ready to go home - school readiness

Getting ready for nursery poster -

Getting ready for school poster

Toilet procedure - girls/boys

School ready checklist - School needs

Being independent - school readiness for EYFS

School readiness checklist

Pancake recipe coordinates

Parts of a tree

Four seasons wheel

summer senses

Under the sea number matching activity

Scientific vocabulary - animals including humans

seaside themed colouring

Rhyming pairs - English

Flower pot craft

Maths activity mat

Write a word on each petal - rhyming words

3 words building activity

How to join things - word mat

lesson planning template - teachers

Question Mark, Full Stop or Exclamation Mark? Differentiated Worksheet

Lesson plan template for students and probationers

Maths 5 times tables - fill in the missing numbers

Little red riding hood - Maths addition

Days of the week word search

Antarctic animals

Class character ideas

Animals - Circle the correct animal picture

Hey diddle diddle - nursery rhyme

Mini Biography Writing Frame Template

Adjectives - people, objects, feelings, size, time

Butterfly craft - paint

how to make an origami butterfly

pebble art

Design a skateboard - craft

Blossom tree printing

identifying quarters, thirds and halves

Character description - English words

Phonics Words - Sound Button Word Cards

The queens jubilee counting - maths

Cut and Stick - word spellings

Sound phases - Sen sound mat -

Sen - shapes tracing - mathematics

Letters tracing - A TO E - SEN

Jubilee party hat craft

Materials word mat

Activity on the letter A

Union Flag Template Display Bunting - platinum jubilee

Melt the ice experiment

Animal adjectives

Character adjective word mat -

Baa Baa black sheep poem

Platinum Jubilee Word Cards

EYFS Areas of Learning template -

union flag colouring sheet - platinum jubilee

Sports Counting to 10 Clip Cards

Water walking experiment

Caterpillar pattern tracing activity

Reading Champion certificate

Life cycle of a dragonfly

The life cycle of dinosaur

London Tower Bridge Page Border - Platinum jubilee

Fingerprint flag - Platinum jubilee - nursery craft

Flower potions - Nursery experiment

Palace Guard Stick Puppets - platinum jubilee

Platinum jubilee maths subtraction

Platinum jubilee word mat

Colouring crown - Platinum jubilee

Union Flag Handheld Flags - Platinum jubilee

Butterfly life cycle

Weekly lesson planner

EYFS Spontaneous Planning Template

Seasons words - Bookmarks

Number path to 20

Colours of the Rainbow Writing Worksheet

times table hunt - 2x, 3x, 5x and 10x tables

say it, join it, write it - Activity

Fish poem

Maths - mixed times tables

EYFS Prime areas planning template

My sound families - SEN

how to draw a butterfly

2D shapes word search

Properties of shapes

Emergency evacuation practice log

Continuous provision enhancement template

EYFS Weekly Critical reflection

Weekly meal planner template

Parts of a plant

Seaside labelling

School role play badges

Weekly reading record

how to draw a dog

Verbs - past, present, future

Positive actions

paint a self portrait

Story writing prompt mat

Sound mat with pictures

2 times table - The Space race

The caterpillar poem

Rhyming words mat

Addition practice worksheet

Character adjective word mat


Short Vowel words

Fruits and vegetables word search

Fill in the verbs

Nursery rhyme - Incy wincy spider

classroom instruction

Name the action word worksheet

Missing punctuation worksheet

Common exception words

uppercase - lowercase alphabets

classroom subjects sign language

Representing numbers 1 to 10

Lined sheets with borders

Addition worksheet

Maths - Subtraction worksheet

Time Tables

Spelling lists year 1 and year 2

Pictures and caption matching worksheet

Birth to 5 matters

Blue Education For Children

Decision making cards

Ordinal numbers worksheet

Length worksheet

Emotions and Feelings Activity Worksheet

Illustrated Math Numbers to 10 Worksheet

Multicultural Kids

Sound "K" word search

Representing numbers 1 to 10

I can calm myself - Autism

Choose the correct item - worksheet 2

choose the correct item

Words ending with ''tion''

Activity Mat

Adjectives with pictures


Body parts Worksheet

Number sequencing caterpillars

Animals word mat

Colour mixing worksheet

Self-Regulation Strategy Posters

Rhymes poetry

Visuals - Autism

Emotions Flashcards - Autism

Sorting activity - autism

My circle of control

Growth Mindset Affirmation Activity: I Can

Summer word mat

Parts of speech

Read, Write, and Color Worksheet

Safeguarding record

Types of 3D shapes

Write the missing numbers worksheet

Multiplication jigsaw worksheet

Diddle rhymes

Vocabulary Body Parts worksheet

Months of the year word search

UK British values

countries flags and capitals

Health and safety - safe or unsafe activity

Health and safety signs

We are all different but equal

People who help us

Days of the week handwriting practice

Space word mat

Sense of Sight Worksheet

Areas of Self - Regulation

Butterfly poem

Emotions and Feelings Jigsaw Puzzle - Emotional Literacy

SEN Sound Phonics

Rhyming words

Areas of learning topic ideas

EYFS yearly overview

Visual Board - SEN

Character Description word mat

KS1 Learning Progress Record

Pictures and words

Classroom actions - Fill in the vowel

SEN Visual cards

Missing Number Tracks

My Hobbies - Flashcards

SEN - Verbs - What are they doing?

Counting in Tens - KS2 Maths

Captions with Pictures - SEN

The Tortoise and the Hare Story

The boy and the wolf story- KS2 English reading

SEN - Weather mat

SEN Sound Phonics

Sign Language numbers 1 to 20 - SEN

Behaviour Visual Cards- SEN

SEN English sound mat

SEN - Phonics

Zoo word mat - SEN

Writing Prompt Display Posters - SEN

Picture with words - SEN cards

SEN Visual Timetable

SEN Daily routine flashcards

Reading challenges - KS2

Easter Words - Flashcards

Mood Chart

Maths Activity Mat

Maths Worksheet - KS2

Easter counting and matching worksheet

People who help us - Flashcards

Police - Flashcards

Daily planner template

Road Signs - Understanding the world

Double Digit Multiplication Worksheet - KS2

Emotions worksheet

Allergen template

Social stories - Matching activity

social situation

Weekly Task Planner

EYFS Areas of learning weekly plan template

Children's learning journey template

Easter repeating patterns activity

Social Stories - Strangers (Flashcards)

Action Flashcards

Social stories - sharing with friends

Social Stories - Personal space

Social Story - Saying Sorry

Easter Flashcards

Easter dot to dot activity

Easter Egg Maze activity

Easter crossword puzzle - KS2

Easter Vocabulary worksheet with answers - KS2

Fire Fighters Word Cards - KS2

Childminder risk assessment template

Indoor and outdoor continuous provision planning sheet

EYFS - 2 years progress check form

design your own football - KS2

8 times table - KS2

Forces Word cards - KS2

Simile word mat- KS2

About Me - KS2 Activity

Twinkle star poem - KS2

10 times table activity - KS2

4 times table activity - KS2

2 digit addition - KS2 Worksheet

KS2 - World Map Colouring

Times Tables - KS2 worksheet

Imperative Verbs- KS2

Senses Words Mat - KS2

Parts of a plant - KS2 worksheet

3 digit addition - KS2 worksheet

Easter story coordination - KS2 worksheet

6 times tables - KS2 worksheet

Sound scientific vocabulary cards- KS2

KS2 - Fruit experiment

Adverbs - Flashcards KS2

Maths KS2 subtraction worksheet

Comparing fractions - KS2 worksheet

Full stops and capital letters - KS2 English worksheet

Prime Numbers Math Worksheet - KS2

Name the items English worksheet

Summer Word search

English Spelling Rhyming Words Worksheet

Cause and Effect - Matching activity

rhyming words worksheet

Dissolving candy - Experiment

English words


Months Flashcards - SEN

Healthy and Unhealthy Foods

Good and Bad Choices

Rhyming words activity

Maths Worksheet

Triangle shape - worksheet

Sense of Sight Worksheet

Good sitting cards

Kind and Unkind sorting activity

Friend Writing/drawing Worksheet

Getting ready for school - Checklist

Picking up an Ice cube - Experiment worksheet

Food Word Scramble Worksheet

Colorful Vehicle Illustration Worksheet

Sense of Smell Worksheet

Animals Worksheet

Sweets colour mixing - experiment worksheet

How to make an egg float - experiment worksheet

Dancing Raisins - Experiment worksheet

Find out what sinks and floats - Experiment worksheet

Social stories- worksheet

Easter Activity Worksheet

Easter word search - worksheet

Colour by number - worksheet

Shape matching - worksheet

Easter basket - Craft

Object Phonics Activity Worksheet

fill in the missing letters

Odd One Out Color Sorting Activity

Choose the correct pronoun

All about me - Worksheet

responsible / respectful -worksheet

The 4 Seasons - Activity Worksheet

Fruits and Vegetables Worksheet Activity

who is following classroom rules? - worksheet

What are they doing - English verbs

Questions prompt cards

Instructions flashcards

Colors Word Search Worksheet

My fruit tree - worksheet

visuals worksheet

count and colour worksheet

Fruits worksheet

Number cards

Alphabet A - SEN flashcards

SEN visuals

Feeling emotions - Daily activity worksheet

Action flashcards - SEN flashcards

Learning alphabets - SEN

Getting ready for school- cards

Colour Display worksheet- SEN

Repeating patterns - SEN

My feelings chart - SEN

Good choices worksheet

Emotional/social cards- SEN

Adjectives worksheet - SEN

Calm Myself Down Prompt Cards - SEN Cards

S sound - SEN worksheet

SEN communication cards

Visuals - SEN flashcards

yes or no - SEN worksheet

Allergen content chart - EYFS

Phonics - SEN worksheet

Body parts - SEN worksheet

Daily Schedule Visuals- SEN flashcards

Sound Phonic - SEN worksheet

Alphabets Phonics- SEN worksheet

Special needs - Worksheet

non verbal communication cards - SEN

Single digit addition - Maths worksheet

Counting objects - Maths Spring Worksheet

The five senses worksheet

Types of weather

Sense of taste worksheet

Weather matching worksheet

Complete the words and sentences - Spring English worksheet

Learning about Recycle -worksheet

Reduce, reuse and recycle - Worksheet

AEIOU - Words English Worksheet

Spring Poem- Worksheet

Colour the flower petals - Spring worksheet

Lunch mat placement worksheet

Design your own fish bowl- craft/design worksheet

60 Fun outdoor activities

Life cycle of sunflower worksheet

Handwriting Activity curly caterpillar letters

Nursery Staff meeting form

Classroom Golden Rules

Spring Writing Practice Worksheet

Fill in the vowels - Spring worksheet

Spring English Reading worksheet

Make an Easter Basket!- Craft worksheet

Butterfly Life Cycle worksheet

Frog life cycle worksheet

Vegetables Coloring Worksheet

Complete the words - English worksheet

Match the alphabets with the same objects

Colouring according to colour codes

Matching shapes - Maths worksheet

Count & Mark Numbers Worksheet

small to big- ramadan worksheet

Food Word Scramble Worksheet

Fruit graph - Maths worksheet

St. George's - Design and colour the dragon

Design the Queens Birthday Cake

ABC order - Ramadan worksheet

St. George's Day word search

Hand writing practice sheet - Queens birthday activity

Positive affirmations flashcards

Matching Numbers Ramadan Worksheet

Supervision recording form

Visualizing Shapes - Maths worksheet

Easter Egg Counting Worksheet

Before and After Math Worksheet

School Objects - English worksheet

Write and say the numbers worksheet

Compare numbers - Maths worksheet

Weather matching worksheet

Color the Circles Worksheet

Read, Find, and Color Worksheet

Vowel worksheet

Literacy English Worksheet

Match The Color Worksheet

Farm Animal Coloring Worksheet

Tall or Short Worksheet

Cupcake Addition and Subtraction Worksheet

complete the missing numbers- worksheet

Number pyramid

Hard and Soft Sounds Illustrative Science Worksheet

Satisfaction form

Write the first missing letter- English worksheet

Opposites adjectives English Worksheet

Medical authorisation form

Fire Drill log form

Colouring worksheet

Learning letter D - worksheet

Name the parts of plant worksheet

Find the missing letter - worksheet

Pronouns worksheet

Shapes worksheet

Subtraction worksheet

Personal development- worksheet

Sea animals worksheet

Easter vocabulary worksheet

Even and Odd Math- Worksheet

count and colour vegetables worksheet

Hickory Dickory Dock poetry worksheet

12 Months of the Year Tracing

Tracing numbers worksheet

Word Search Worksheet

Count the Animals Worksheet

Wild Animals worksheet

Ocean Animals Worksheet

Mother's Day maze worksheet

Rainbow Colours worksheet

Exploring my emotions worksheet

Shape Matching Worksheet

All about me Worksheet

Animals Coloring Worksheet

Uppercase and Lowercase Matching Worksheet

Types of feelings - P/E/S development

Name the parts of the body worksheet - with answer sheet

Word formation- vocabulary worksheet

British Values Flashcards

Write the missing numbers

Count and colour- worksheet

Months of the year- worksheet

Math Color by Number Worksheet

Vocabulary English worksheet- Farm animals

English language/literacy worksheet

cross out the odd worksheet

Art worksheet

Name the places worksheet

illustrative science - hot or cold? worksheet

Humpty Dumpty Poem

Counting worksheet

Shadow Matching Easter Worksheet

Recording complaint form

Daily Diary Feedback Form

Art Color Mixing worksheet

5 Things that I like about myself worksheet

Medication Administration Form

100 squares worksheet

Writing Decimals worksheet

Rhyming words worksheet

Living or Nonliving Things Worksheet

Incident report form

Literacy fill in the blank worksheet

Number matching worksheet

Easter word search worksheet

Name the body parts - vocabulary worksheet

Seasons of the year flashcards

Counting objects worksheet

Months of the year flashcards

Tracing numbers 1-10

Easter ABC worksheet

Accident Form

Gross Motor Skills Activities

Coloring Worksheet - Wild Animals

Vegetable Counting

Name of the Vegetables Worksheet

Days of the week worksheet (Black & White)

Animals Food Match

Colouring In Pancake Day

What's the weather like?

Shapes Game

Using manners

Life stages of a butterfly

Tracing bees

Spring counting

Easter Basket

Makaton Simple Phrases

Matching colours and shapes


Rhyming words

How many farm animals can you count?

People who help us

Feeling Chart

Count the dice

Number matching with numbers represented with hands

Can you match the numbers up?

Washing your hand poster

weather visual cards

Number tracing 1-10

Face Diagram Activity

Tracing Mathematics Worksheet

Odd and even numbers colouring stars activity.

Wild animals habitat and what they eat

Dinosaur subtracting activity.

Adding Activity

Movements flashcards

Valentines heart symmetry activity.

Valentine day wordsearch

Farm animals- what they eat and their habitat.

Mixing colours together

Colour cards

Makaton letters

2D poster

3D shape poster

Number cards 1-10

2D and 3D shapes

Letter Tracing

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