Action for early years (during COVID-19)

From 20 July, early years settings will no longer be required to keep children in small, consistent groups.   

Settings should still consider how they can minimize mixing and all other protective measures must remain in place.  The guidance has been updated to reflect this and also includes new content on (updated 2 July):

  • Risk assessment (section 3.1)
  • Supporting staff with increased risk factors (section 3.2)
  • System of controls (section 3.3)
  • Attendance at settings for those shielding, with changes to the advice effective from 1 August (section 4)
  • Wraparound care (section 5.3)

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Revisions to the guidance (24th July 2020)

Additional Updated Guidance (28th July 2020)

- Included content from the planning guide for early years and childcare settings so that all coronavirus (COVID-19) information for early years settings is in one place - the planning guide has now been removed

- Included an autumn funding update and hyperlink to updated local authority guidance

- Updated information on the validity of pediatric first-aid certificates

- Updated information on wraparound care

-Updated information on managing requests for site visits from parents and carers for admissions in September

- Updated information about data collection changes- updated information about reporting to Ofsted when there is a confirmed case of coronavirus in a setting

- Updated information to reflect the removal of the requirement to keep children in small, consistent groups within settings but still minimizing mixing where possible

- Updated information to reflect changes in legislation to the 30 hours free entitlement

Guidance Update (30/7/2020): View here

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