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Sensory Smart
Unit E Concorde House West Midlands Union Drive

It all started when a mother was looking for socks her son would wear. Mel Thomsett founded the Sensory Smart store in Hampshire after facing the challenge of finding suitable clothing for her son, who was diagnosed with autism. Mel's research and help from an Occupational Therapist led her to understand her son's behavior as coping-mechanisms related to Sensory Processing Disorders. This inspired her to open the Sensory Smart Store, offering solutions for families dealing with sensory processing disorders. The store has since expanded to include products for sensitive adults and various other solutions. The store continues to grow and adapt to customer needs, offering products to help with various sensitivities, conditions, and sensory needs. If you can't find what you're looking for, the store welcomes your feedback and aims to assist you.Let's get social! Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest

SpecialKids.Company Concorde House West Midlands Union Drive

SpecialKids.Company are specialists in adaptive clothing, footwear, incontinence wear, and accessories for children and young adults with special needs.  We provide premium quality, unique, and affordable products which cater for a wide variety of needs and conditions to empower children with special needs. We're here to make life easier and more inclusive for kids and carers.Let's get social! You can follow us on Facebook, X (Twitter), and Instagram

The Play Doctors - Resources for Special Educational Needs
Park Farm Northampton United Kingdom NN7 2DY

The Play Doctors designs and manufactures resources for SEN, communication, behaviour, wellbeing and more.Our family run business is dedicated to supporting the inclusion of children and young people with practical resources for developing communication skills by breaking down communication barriers, giving individuals a voice to reach their best potential.Our missionto promote the inclusion of all understand communication barriers and provide innovate create and develop new and innovative resources to meet users help people identify and recognise. communication barriers of others and understand how they can support others to reach their best potential.

The Works
 Unit 5/7 Mercer Walk London United Kingdom UB8 1LJ

At the Together Trust, our vision is a society where people thrive because they are valued within their communities. Yet the road ahead for millions of people lies tangled and difficult to climb. But they’re not alone.For over 150 years, we’ve been championing and caring for people with disabilities, autism and complex health needs, as well as providing life-changing support for care-experienced people. Today we’re one of the North West’s leading disability charities. We help children, adults, parents and carers, delivering individual care, support and education to thousands of people each year.

Together, we build trusted education solutions
26 Red Lion Square London United Kingdom WC1R 4HQ

At the Together Trust, our vision is a society where people thrive because they are valued within their communities. Yet the road ahead for millions of people lies tangled and difficult to climb. But they’re not alone.For over 150 years, we’ve been championing and caring for people with disabilities, autism and complex health needs, as well as providing life-changing support for care-experienced people. Today we’re one of the North West’s leading disability charities. We help children, adults, parents and carers, delivering individual care, support and education to thousands of people each year.

LDA Resources  - Learn Develop Achieve
2 Gregory Street Cheshire United Kingdom SK14 4TH

LDA is the leading brand that develop and supply products for those who support children and young people with additional learning needs.

Zimizam Limited
26 Graham Road London Middlesex W45DR

Zimizam aims to support learners with special needs (can be used by all children) - fun and beneficial for all age groups! User-led and rewards based it features simple colourful designs

Chiltern Music Therapy
Office A, Irfon House Chesham HP5 1DE

Working with such a diverse range of people and ages means that we have to be flexible in our approach. As with all therapy or medical interventions, there is no 'one-size-fits-all' and that's why it's so important to us to be able to offer a range of Music Therapy approaches to suit each individual or organization that we work with. SERVICES Healthcare We provide services in healthcare settings for children, adults and older people in schools, hospitals, care homes and in the community across the UK. From our community Music Therapy groups and workshops, to our training courses for Music Therapists and our fundraising events. We provide digital Music Therapy and Community Music services and sessions to people of all ages at home and in the community across the UK.

Whole Step CIC
178 Loddon Bridge Road Reading RG5 4AA

Whole Step CIC is a non-profit Music Therapy and community music organisation in Berkshire. We provide affordable therapeutic services for people of all ages, needs, and abilities - in person and online.

1 Leighton Avenue Pinner HA5 3BW

Sound Working Music
94 Kings Road London AL2 1EP

At Sound Working we provide a  range of specialist corporate and  therapeutic music therapy services. Music therapy is an effective psychological intervention and evidence based practice regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

Music Healing
48 Newlands Park London SE26 5NE

In our view, the Bonny Method is unique as an advanced form of music therapy able to deliver an exceptionally enriching experience to people with or without diagnosed difficulties seeking better health.As fully qualified Music Therapists Roddy and Matina are registered members of the Health and Care professions Council (HCPC), British Association for Music Therapy (BAMT), European Association of Music and Imagery (EAMI), the Association for Music and Imagery (AMI), and the Music and Imagery Association of UK and Ireland (MAIA).As advanced Trainees in the Bonny Method of GIM, both can offer sessions at a reduced rate.

East London Music Therapy LTD
189 Forest Road London E11 1JS

Kate Heath Piano lessons in London and online My teaching qualification is a 'Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Music '(LRAM).I am a qualified Music Therapist and Supervisor. Over the past thirty years I have devoted myself to teaching all ages and levels, and greatly enjoy helping my students to develop their technique and musicality. Working online offer weekly sessions using 'Zoom'. This is a fantastic way of enjoying individual piano lessons whilst staying at home. You can record the lesson on your computer and return to it as a helpful practice tool.

All Behaviour Consultancy Ltd
79 Kentons Lane Windsor United Kingdom SL4 4JH

At All Behaviour Consultancy, our aim is to enable each individual child to fulfil their potential by offering a service that is practical, realistic, cost-effective and sustainable.We are a team of highly qualified Behaviour Analysts based in London, specialising in Autism and other Developmental and Learning Disabilities.Led by a Board-Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) with over 17 years’ helping kids with Autism and learning disabilities, we utilise ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) therapy to improve your child’s response to various situations, alongside other Positive Behaviour Support therapies.Based in London, our approachable team of ABA Behaviour Specialists provide a holistic approach for each individual that we work with, either working directly with families or through Health Authorities, Schools and Local Education Authorities.We provide each individual child with opportunities to learn and develop despite the challenges they face.We focus on the child’s wellbeing and have seen great success with our clients over the years.

Connect Music Therapy
11 Hawthorne Court London E4 9UY

Here at Connect Music Therapy, we believe that everyone can respond to music no matter what their age, ability or musical background may be. We are musical beings and music, when used within Music Therapy, has the capacity to assist you and your loved ones in many aspects of your lives. At Connect Music Therapy we use music to help people from every walk of life reach their full potential. â€‹â€‹Connect Music Therapy are dedicated to informing you about the role of Music Therapy and how it can change the life of you or your loved ones. We are committed to ensuring as many people as possible have the opportunity to access Music Therapy sessions. Our home visits, services to healthcare and educational facilities and our groups within the community mean that no matter your circumstances, we can provide a Music Therapy service that is right for you.

Chroma Therapies LTD
Overross House, Ross Park Herefordshire HR9 7US

We're passionate about being an inclusive and welcoming environment for our clients and their next-of-kin, our commissioners and our amazing therapists. Committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and adults, we foster and value diversity to create a space where we can all thrive.Our national team of experienced art, drama and music therapists work alongside and within organisations in the health, education and social care sectors. We work in partnership with parents and professionals, the NHS, private healthcare and brain injury case management services, special and mainstream schools and more than 50 local authorities and regional adoption agencies. Chroma is becoming more diverse in age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical and mental ability, ethnicity, and perspective. Whether you are a new client, a parent, a commissioner, one of our therapists or someone interested in working with us, we hope you see yourself in us. 

102 Middlesex Street London E1 7EZ

Understanding the affordances of group music therapy within a short-term diversion programme for young sex offenders in South Africa. This study is situated within the SPARC (Support Programme for Abuse Reactive Children) diversion programme, facilitated by a Non-Government Organisation – The Teddy Bear Clinic – in South Africa. Since 2006, music therapy has been offered alongside a cognitive-behavioural intervention as part of this short-term (one session per week for 12 weeks) programme for groups of non-residential first time young sex offenders. 

St. Pauls Avenue London NW2

What is Music Therapy Music as a Path of Self-Healing According to the British association of Music therapy, BAMT, “As human beings, music plays a fundamental role in our identity, culture, heritage and spiritual beliefs. It is a powerful medium which can affect us all deeply.”​Playing a musical instrument, being part of a choir or in a band, listening to music - these are all ways in which we can engage in music. They help us to connect with ourselves and others. Music can be exciting or calming, joyful or poignant. It can stir memories and powerfully resonate with our feelings, helping us to express them and communicate with others. 

Clap And Toot / Music Therapy
1 Miller Road London SW19 2DB

Helping children on the emotional rollercoaster to...Develop self-awareness Express themselves creatively Book a free consultation today' People just don't understand.......when I tell them my son isn't able to control his behaviour when he's upset .'When I meet parents for the first time, they often tell me their children scream for seemingly no reasons, shut the door behind their backs and unable to enjoy basic things in their lives because of the emotional rollercoaster. What's even more frustrating is, they can't tell you why they were upset, and often feel awful after acting out! â€‹So often this can make loving parents like yourself feel exhausted. This can be so heart breaking! After all you have to look after your child's wellbeing and keep your own feelings at bay at the same time. You want to help, but where do you start? Discover self-regulating strategies So that parents can have harmony at home and a have great relationship with their kids.

The Music Therapy Charity
26 Fitzroy Square London W1T 6 BT

Supporting high quality research into the impact of music therapy and music therapy services in the UK. Supporting high quality research into the impact of music therapy and music therapy services in the UK. Claire is currently on the doctoral programme at Nord off-Robbins Music Therapy Centre, London.  Her practice-led research, based within the Child Development Service, focuses on understanding the complexities of practice and experiences within the music therapy 'trio' of child, parent, and therapist.

Healing With Grace / Music Therapy
65 Peckham Road London SE5 8UH

I offer space that gives you permission to show up as your whole self. With your full range of emotions, with your messy and your tidy parts, your contradictions and your celebrations. I want to guide you on a deep dive into really seeing yourself as you are right now and that everything that you are is absolutely ok. I am here to help you to feel confident and grounded, using your creativity to nurture self-acceptance.

216 Ingram Avenue Aylesbury HP21 9DD

I provide a music therapy service in a range of educational establishments, hospitals and care homes. I work for OCVC (a college in Oxford), Thomas's Fund and Rosie's Rainbow Fund and carry out private work. I can travel to and provide music therapy at a client's home. (I provide a music therapy service in a range of educational establishments and care homes. I also work for a charity and carry out private work. I can travel to and provide music therapy at a client's home).

Richmond Music Trust
7 Briar Road Twickenham TW2 6RB

High quality instrumental tuition, music therapy and musical experiences in and around Richmond upon Thames.Richmond Music Trust delivers a range of high quality musical experiences for children and young people aged 5-18 including instrumental tuition in schools and music centres, a wide range of ensembles, and a growing number of holiday courses. We also organise hugely popular large scale events and work closely with schools to deliver the Wider Opportunities programme. Our Music Therapy department offers a range of services both in-house and on an outreach basis in and around the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

Hickmans Hill Weston SG7 6RH

 Hannah has extensive experience working with a number of concerns including:Traumatic life experiences (including post-traumatic stress disorder)Anxiety (including health anxiety, social anxiety, panic disorder)Anger Self-esteem and self-confidence issues Depression Relationship difficulties Stress (including work stress)Dissatisfaction with life Psychosis Interpersonal problems Post-natal anxiety/depression Health problems Body image concerns Hannah’s extensive training enables her to use her scientific knowledge and experience of the factors that may be contributing to a persons difficulties and to help her clients to understand and make sense of what’s going on for them. She will then work with them to develop ways in which they can better manage those challenges.

Physiocomestoyou Ltd
51 St Philip street London United Kingdom Sw8 3SR

Physiocomestoyou provides Home Visits Physiotherapy sessions for children and adults. We cover all of London and Greater London area and most od UK.

Oxford CBT
11a Windmill Road Oxford Oxfordshire OX3 7BW

We are Oxford CBT, Oxfords largest independent therapy service, we provide fast and easy access to evidence-based assessments and therapy without the long wait times. Our team of experienced friendly clinicians provide support to both adults and children.  All team members are accredited and specifically trained to help people overcome a range of difficulties; including stress, anxiety, panic, OCD, sleep difficulties, eating disorders and depression. For children we offer comprehensive assessments and therapy which includes a practical tools and skills to help your children to flourish and grow.  We also offer specialist assessment for ADHD and Autism using the ADOS and CONNORS. For businesses and schools we provide Mental Health First aid training, mindfulness and wellbeing courses to help reduce mental health stigma and support staff members and colleagues. 

Oxford CBT
11a Windmill Road Headington Oxford Oxfordshire OX37BW

Committed to empowering you with the strength and skills to navigate life's stresses with compassion and kindness, Oxford CBT offers a swift assessment process alongside high-quality, evidence-based treatment. As Oxford's leading private therapy service, we have helped over 5000 people overcome challenges and thrive for the last 10 years. We provide children with thorough assessments and therapy, equipping them with practical tools and skills to help them to flourish & grow. Our dedicated team of accredited clinicians specialise in treating anxiety, depression, eating disorders, sleep issues, as well as comprehensive assessments, diagnosis, and support for Autism and ADHD. If you or someone you care about is in need of support, reach out to Oxford CBT today and discover how they can provide the help you're looking for. 

Griffin Occupational Therapy (Griffin OT)
Online Training & Support

Griffin Occupational Therapy (GriffinOT) provides affordable, high-quality online children’s occupational therapy support for educators and parents. All of our resources are designed with parents and educators in mind. We have articles and online training courses on sensory processing, handwriting development and fine motor skills.  Our resources are especially relevant for adults supporting children who have sensory issues, motor skill or developmental delays, autism, dyspraxia or ADHD. We also offer an online sensory processing screen for families.Features include; Occupational Therapy, Sensory Integration, Fine & Gross Motor Skills, Handwriting, Hypnotherapy.

Independent Provider of Special Education Advice (IPSEA)
2A Stansted Courtyard, Parsonage Road, Takeley, Bishop’s Stortford CM22 6PU

We help children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) get the education they are entitled to by lawBecause children and young people with SEND are legally entitled to an education that meets their individual needs

92 Central Road Worcester Park Surrey KT4 8HU

SOS!SEN is a national charity that aims to empower parents and carers of children and young people with SEND to successfully tackle the difficulties they face when trying to secure the right educational provision for their children.