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Congratulations to the winning nurseries.

Hounslow Montessori

Twizzle Tops Day Nurseries

Over the past term, we have asked nurseries across the country to send us pictures of areas they have updated in their settings. The entries we got were incredible, it was such a challenge to pick the winning settings, so we are asking for your help in choosing. We have narrowed it down to just five and want you to vote for your favorite. You can do so below.  

Inviting all early years settings to participate in this exciting competition

"Enabling environment" contest

In September, there would be loads of new children starting the nurseries as well as loads of old children are returning back after the lockdown. All early years settings are working very hard to create an enabling environment for children where they will play, learn, and thrive. Due to pandemics, all settings need to focus strongly on cleanliness, social distancing, and procedures to keep all adults and children safe at all times. We would like to invite all early years settings across the UK to showcase their "children's environment ."
  • You can send us the photos of the children's area, special corners you have created eg role play area, sensory room, art, and craft area, etc
  • You can send us the photos of new hygiene stations you have introduced or any corner explaining children about covid 19, social distancing, etc
  • You can send us the photos of any "settling in" area you have created like a family tree, family pictures on the wall, etc
You can send all the photographs to the following email address before 25th October 2020 E-mail: events@nurseriesandschools.org


First Prize:
  • £100  gift card voucher
  • Photographs and a full-page article for the winner nursery setting on nurseriesandschools.org and all social media platforms
  • Certificate from nurseriesandschools.org
Second Prize:
  • £50 gift card voucher
  • Announcement of the nursery setting on nurseriesandschools.org and all social media platforms
  • Certificate from nurseriesandschools.org

Terms and conditions:

  • There should be no children or adults in the photos
  • Photos should be clear
  • We will be adding the name of your setting on the photographs
  • There should be a short description in the email  written by you about the setting and environment
  • If you have not added your setting on nurseriesandschools.org, please add free of charge before entering into the competition

How we will choose the winner:

We would be choosing the top ten settings and then it would be open for the public on social media platforms to vote till 27th October 2020. We would be announcing the winner on 30th October at 10 am. Good luck to all the participants.


Start date: 18th August 2020 End date: 25th October 2020 If you have any questions regarding the contest, please email us at events@nurseriesandschools.org


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