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Autumn Activities

                                                  Autumn Activities

Pumpkin sensory bags - Scoop out the inside of a pumpkin and put it in a gallon-size Ziploc bag to make the sensory bags.

Benefits: As they use the small objects in the sensory bags, young children are able to improve their sense of touch and fine motor abilities.

Fall scavenger hunt- Giving the children printouts with images and descriptions of autumn-related objects is a great idea to have the children explore the outdoors and find or collect objects.

Benefits:  Scavenger hunts allow kids to practice problem-solving in a tangible way


Leaf Rubbings- Make leaf rubbings by using crayons to colour over leaves placed underdrawing paper. Remember to put the leaves vein-side-up for best results. Unwrap the paper and use the side of the crayon for the best results.

Benefits: Leaf rubbing helps children explore leaves of different shapes, colours and textures as well as helps to develop hand strength and endurance and also helps with good pencil/colour grasp.

Autumn Tree Finger Printing - Giving children an empty tree template and a bunch of autumn-related paint colours for them to print their fingers on the tree is a great sensory way to get creative.

Benefits:  Children can explore, learn, and grow through sensory play through finger painting. Children's imagination is stimulated when they can play with colour and design and feel the cool, squishy texture of the paint.

Autumn leaf collage - This is a fun activity that allows kids to create artwork using the things they have collected on their autumn walks. This activity only needs paper, glue and autumn items.

Benefits:  This benefits children's hand and eye coordination.

Fall Sensory Tray - To make a fall-themed sensory tray, a tray or container with high sides is needed. Then, fill it with oats, popcorn seeds, pumpkin seeds or any other option. Next, it's time to add fall-themed items! For example, collect fir cones, acorns or leaves and anything you like in autumn colours like red, orange, and yellow hues.

Benefits- Children can explore and learn through hands-on, tactile play in sensory trays, which stimulates their senses.

Floating leaf water play - Go on a nature walk and collect some beautiful leaves. Fill a baking sheet with enough water to allow the leaves to float.

Benefits- It encourages the development of motor skills


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