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Easter fun activities for kids

                                                         Easter fun activities for kids

With Easter just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about all the cool Easter crafts and activities to do with the kids.

Ideas for Easter activities:

Simple Easter egg Treasure Hunt with riddles 

This can be done either indoors or outdoors or in a combinationSimply write out clues with each hidden location leading them to the next. It's a good idea to number the clues so they don't skip one! In the end, have an Easter basket filled with eggs and treats waiting for them!

Decorate Easter egg

  1.  Kool-Aid dye and vegetable oil work together to make a stunning marbled effect on the eggs.
  2. Use sharpie markers and watercolors to create a lovely design 
  3. Draw on hot eggs with crayons, then dye for the best crayon resist effect on your Easter egg
  4. Use stickers 


Craft Easter paper baskets

1.   Sheet of paper or card. A 6" (15 cm) square makes a nice mini-basket. You'll also want a thin strip to make a handle.

2.   Pencil

3.   Ruler

4.   Adhesive tape or glue

5.   Optional: Brads or other decorations

That's it! These are the only things you will need



Draw and design your own Easter egg by coloring or painting worksheets, coloring books, Eggs, etc. 

Easter Bunny Corn hole

Grab some cardboard, markers, and scissors to create a DIY hungry bunny for your game of bean bag toss! Cut-outs can be located where his mouth and tummy.



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