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Helping children with allergies

Allergies can be a pain, especially with children. Explaining to them is a good way for them to help them understand why they have allergies.

With spring coming up soon there tend to be more signs of allergies due to pollen as well as other bacterias growing with the warm weather.

Below are examples of ways to help them through this.

Stay Inside - The best way to avoid your child getting allergies is stay inside but keeping your child in all the time is not good for their mental health as well as them  developing skills, Pollen is usually at its peak mid-morning, early evening, and when the wind is blowing.

Medication - Having a blocked nose can be tough for children. You can buy medication such as nasal sprays for older children and younger children have other kinds of medication but also make your own relief, such as mixing into a squirt bottle 8 ounce boiled water to 1 teaspoon of salt and spray into the nose but make sure it’s not too hot. Be careful of the hot water!

Stay Hydrated - All the sneezing, coughing and other symptoms can leave your child to feel thirsty, keeping your child drinking and encouraging them will flush some allergies out.

Steam - Steam from a warm shower or bath can help to clear it out of their nasal system (adding vapour spray can also help) Make sure it’s not too hot.

Keep It cool- when the weather is hot it’s good to keep it cool to keep the pollen out for example, keeping windows closed/ air conditioning in car and home. when necessary.

Keeping moisture in air - Getting a humidifier can help breathing easier if your house is dry. Be careful humidity below 40% can encourage mold and dust mites.

Cold compress - When itchy eyes are driving your child crazy, try a cold compress, which may help reduce the itch and soreness.

Avoid rubbing - Helping children to avoid rubbing their eyes, if your child’s eyes are itchy then rubbing will only irritate them more and make them more itchy.

Spicing foods - if your child will eat spicy foods then food with cayenne pepper, hot ginger and other foods such as onions or garlic can help thin the mucus and clear their nasal passages.

Soft tissues - Children's noses can get sore if using hard/ rough tissues so get them to use soft tissues with lotion/ aloe in them.

Rubbing cream -  when blowing your nose it may go red and raw, to help soothe it you can use petroleum jelly/ fresh aloe Vera.

Sore Throats - Children can get sore throats and gargling warm salt water can help ease the pain. 1-2 tablespoons of table salt in 8 ounces warm water. Putting a warm compress on a child’s face can help clear sinuses.

Warm Tea - Fluids in general can help soothe sore throats. A weak tea with honey and lemon can help, the steam can help too.

We hope this has been useful please feel free to comment with any extra tricks/ ideas on how to help our children.


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