Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Kids

We’ve compiled a list of fun, simple gift ideas you can create with little ones in school or in nursery this week so they can have something extra special for their Mum on Mother’s Day. 

‘You are my Sunshine’ card:

Mum's will love this adorable sunshine card, which is perfect to make with smaller children. All you will need is white card, yellow paint, black marker, fusilli pasta and a paint brush. Read how to create this adorable card here. 


Hyacinth flower card: 

Mum’s love flowers; so why not get creative and make them an adorable card incorporating these beautiful hyacinths. For this you will need white card, light blue card, green card, purple or pink card, scissors, and glue. You can download a hyacinth template and read instructions here.

Mother’s Day biscuit card:

Baking is a really fun activities to do with kids and making these Mother’s Day biscuits is sure to be the sweetest gift for any Mum this Sunday. You can find the recipe and instructions to create this adorable, yummy card here. 


Here’s a bunch of reasons why I love you:

Adorable craft children can do in nursery or school. You will need white card, watercolour paint or markers, scissors and glue. You will find a template and instructions for this adorable gift here. 

Handprint Love Birds:

Handprint art is a lovely, personal gift idea which Mum’s will love as a precious keepsake. You can create these with coloured card in pink, red, purple and yellow, jumbo straws, googly eyes and glue. Download a template and read how to create this adorable gift here.


I love my Mum because activity:

Lovely activity to do with little ones this week in settings. You can download the worksheet here.

Colouring pages:

Mum’s will love seeing these cute illustrations and reading their little one’s answers! Download these activities and find much more here.



Poems are adorable, personal gifts. Making up your own is sure to be the loveliest choice, but there are lots of lovely poems you will find here, which are sure to put a big smile on any Mum’s face.

We hope you enjoyed this list of ideas and most importantly, we hope you have a lovely day Sunday celebrating all of our fantastic Mums.

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