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NDNA and Education Policy Institute launch final stage of the study: How coronavirus has impacted the early years sector.

NDNA and Education Policy Institute launch final stage of the study:

How coronavirus has impacted the early years sector.

May 2021


National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) has partnered with Education Policy Institute (EPI) for a year-long study looking at how coronavirus has impacted the workforce in the early years sector. The final survey that looks into the number of times a setting has had to be closed due to children or staff needing to self-isolate, number of early years professionals been furloughed or made redundant and other challenges that have impacted this sector during the pandemic. 

The survey focuses on issues related to recruitment and retention of staff in the private, voluntary and independent (PVI) sector, and in particular on the consequences of the pandemic on staff qualification levels, setting closures and on opportunities for continuing professional development (CPD). The survey also looks into reduced contracted hours, voluntary terminations of employment and other changes to staffing in the coming months.

The process involves filling in an online survey that is open to NDNA members and non-members. The survey takes approximately 20 minutes. This project will consist of four quarterly surveys carried out between July 2020 and June 2021 and options will be given to participate to any number or all of these. Key findings will be shared shortly after each survey closes and will enable researchers, policy-makers and the early years sector to understand the recruitment and retention challenges facing the sector.

Purnima Tanuku OBE, NDNA Chief Executive commented: “We are investigating how lower demand for places along with the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme and the way it was applied to early years settings has impacted on the workforce. This includes staffing levels, qualifications, training and opportunities for continuing professional development.”

“This is vital information that will help shape proposals that would effectively support the workforce in England, Scotland and Wales in terms of training and knowledge. To understand what solutions will work for the sector and what support Governments could provide, we have to see the impact the pandemic has had – this study will provide this in real time.

The purpose of this project is to gain insight into the impact of COVID-19 on the early years workforce in England, Wales and Scotland, and to capture the evolving nature of the challenges over the next year.

The survey will be open till 31st May 2021. Please visit the links below to participate in the survey:

·           England

·           Scotland

·           Wales


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