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Sensory Play

                                                                     Sensory play

Sensory trays:

Sensory trays can be done in many ways such as sand trays, water trays, toy trays,s and many more.

The beach tray:

Get a tray and fill it with the kids' preferred beach goods, such as sand, pebbles, and shells.



Water toys:

Fill a bowl full of water and let the kids choose their preferred toys and dip them into the bowl. Water play can be very refreshing and relaxing in the summers.

Nature collection:

Go outside to gather natural objects if the weather is cool enough. Put pebbles, grass, flowers, tree branches, leaves, and other items on the tray. 


Coloured rice sensory play:

Take as many containers as you like, fill them with the kids' preferred food colours, add the rice, and seal the container for two minutes. Then, remove the coloured, wet rice, place it in a tissue, expose it to the sun, and finally arrange it on a tray for the kids to enjoy.  

Sensory Bottle top and bubble soup

Children can have a lot of fun playing with sensory bubbles since they enjoy being near water and bubbles. To do this, grab a tub, fill it with water, add any soap liquid, and stir it to create bubbles. Next, add the bottle caps, hide them in the bubbles, and call out the colours to the children so they can scoop the correct coloured bottle cap.


Shaving cream tray

With shaving cream, kids can get quite messy and have a lot of fun. Grab a tray, fill it with shaving cream, and then add various food colourings to make it more colourful and enjoyable for the kids.


Sorting shapes sensory bin

Sorting Shapes in our Sensory Bin is a fun activity for children to learn about shapes, colours while developing their fine motor skills. 





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