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Your Guide To Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a type of developmental disorder that affects individuals in achieving basic everyday tasks, including difficulty in socialising, speaking, and other forms of communication, such as nonverbal communication.

Autism affects people in different ways that may vary from person to person. The diagnosis usually occurs during childhood while some children may experience symptoms at an older age. According to recent research, it is proven that autism is commonly found in 1 in every 59 children in school. Moreover, it is known to affect more boys than girls; however, many girls tend to show minimal symptoms while experiencing this condition as compared to boys of their age group.

Autism comes across as a lifelong disorder that impacts children and adults in several ways. However, thousands of adults grow up to live an independent life, despite having this condition. If you are looking for ways to deal with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, this blog is written for you.

Signs and Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Many kids suffer from autism while their parents are not aware of their condition. Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder may include the following.

1.     Excessive shyness

Many children tend to feel shy around friends, family, and tutors at school. However, a child experiencing ASD may not be able to talk to other children of their age due to excessive shyness.

2.     Tendency to commit self-harm

A child experiencing ASD is prone to have behavioral issues that may in turn lead to self-harm. Self-harm includes cutting or hurting oneself for minor reasons like disagreement or anger.

3.     Avoiding eye contact

A child with ASD is commonly known to avoid eye contact with strangers as well as people they know.

4.     Delayed speech

A child with ASD is susceptible to delayed speech that can hinder their speaking fluency and ability.

5.     Difficulty understanding other people’s emotions

Children having ASD have a difficult time comprehending what other people are trying to convey using verbal and non-verbal communication.

6.     Unusual reactions to sounds or other triggers

A child with ASD tends to show violent reactions to a certain set of circumstances.

How to Support with Autism Spectrum Disorder among Children

Using the following methods, you can help your child overcome the challenges due to ASD.

·       Special Needs Education

Special needs education is tailored to suit the requirements of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. To cater to the specific needs of these children, teachers go through rigorous training in order to impart education with extra attention and care. Students experiencing ASD can benefit greatly from these methods that can improve their potential to learn different things, including academic knowledge and extra-curricular activities.

·       Tutors at School

Schools make use of assistive technology to help students overcome their challenges. A student experiencing trouble in writing may be provided with a special keyboard or a laptop to jot down their notes. Similarly, a child indicating speech disorder shall be given special attention to help them speak and interact with other children at school. Accommodations may include a seating arrangement in the front row of the classroom where the student could focus on the lecture without any distractions. For students having difficulty speaking fluently, well-trained tutors will conduct speech therapy sessions that will enable them to improve their ability to speak properly.

·       Therapists

Therapists working on children's development will make use of different approaches to tackle the child's weaknesses while bringing out their good qualities by determining their strengths. They will conduct regular meetings with the parents to share feedback as well as discuss different factors that can contribute to the child's progress concerning the environment at home. In some cases, these special services are offered free of cost by the school systems.


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