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Camp Martial X

Our goals at Camp Martial X is to not only help the children find their passion in sports and activities, but to learn the values that come along with it. Our aim here at Camp Martial X is to make sure children are spending less time on their screens indoors and more time playing outside, making new friends and excelling and thriving in something they love.

All coaches go through DBS checks and have their First Aid and Safe Guarding certifications. Our coaches have extensive sporting experience and coaching skills. They range from world champion kickboxers, semi professional football players through to County hockey players and Surrey level Badminton players. Collectively, we have worked in over 30 schools providing PPA/PE sessions, wrap around care, breakfast and after school care and sports clubs as well as our super successful multi-sport holiday camps. Most importantly though, they are all passionate about teaching kids and imparting their knowledge in a fun and engaging way! 

Evidence suggests introducing exercise at a young age helps to decrease rates of anxiety and depression in children and adolescence. Physical activity has been proven to be effective in targeting the risk factors associated with mental illness by increasing heart health and assisting in regulating dietary urges. We firmly believe that each of these elements contribute to a happy, confident and healthy child which improves focus and readiness to learn at school. Camp Martial X promotes teamwork and inclusion in our classes ensuring that all children, no matter their level, work together to boost each other's confidence, promote perseverance, humility and inspiration to each other.


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