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Flight Crowd

Flight Crowd is a UK educational non-profit which exists to support the Air Mobility community. We bring together enthusiasts and experts both to educate and to grow the wider public interest in the Future Flight industry.

Our platform gives community members the opportunity to engage with the fast-moving UAM ecosystem, and to stay up-to-date with the latest news and developments. We will help you understand what UAM could bring to our lives.

We offer a variety of content to the community through our 'Inform', 'Engage' and 'Inspire' channels, which lead you through your learning journey from the time you first encounter UAM. We:

- Support you in initial and further research of the industry;

- Listen to and answer your questions;

- Provide opportunities for you to get involved in industry discussions;

- Motivate you to develop and share your passion for Future Flight;

- Show how you can help shape the industry and explore potential career paths in UAM!

No matter at what stage you are in your UAM journey and how far you want to go, we are here to support your learning and aspiration!

At Flight Crowd, we actively encourage the community to voice their opinions, share relevant content, and connect with other like-minded individuals.

Let us know how we can help and let's build the future together!

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