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 Wouldn't it be great if every young person could do that?

The Young Eagles Program was set up in the United States by the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) to fly one million youngsters by the centenary of powered flight in December 2003.  

The target has been reached, and included over 10,000 youngsters from the UK, so the LAA (PFA) has decided to continue offering UK youngsters the opportunity of a first flight in a light aircraft with one of its pilot members through its own "Young Aviators" scheme.

Why?  You get a very different perspective of the World from up there, and a first-hand experience of what flying is all about which you can't experience in an airliner.

Hopefully these children can be inspired to achieve higher goals than if they were to remain on the ground.   

 All the pilots are volunteers who are licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority, and love to share their passion for aviation.  The aircraft are also fully certified by the CAA. 

 Some pilots may even have built their own aircraft and thus take youngsters up for their 'baptême de l'air' in a very special flying machine. 

Each Young Aviator flown receives a certificate, and their name is entered in a special logbook, along with their aircraft and pilot's details.     The flight is free for youngsters between 8 and 18 years old. 

If you have a youngster who would like to participate, details of Young Aviators events near you can be obtained from the LAA. 

Pilots who aren't members of the LAA can also participate if authorised, subject to certain requirements. 

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