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House Of Fun

Welcome to House of Fun, where the excitement never ends! Our Multi-Activity Camps are the perfect playground for your child's imagination and growth.

At House of Fun, we're passionate about providing an exhilarating and enriching experience for children aged 5-13. From 8:30 am to 6:00 pm, we offer a diverse range of activities, ensuring every child discovers their passions while having an absolute blast. Children choose their own activities throughout the day, ensuring they maximise the fun!

Our camp is a vibrant hub of creativity, learning, and adventure. Through engaging sessions in Cookery, Arts & Crafts and Sports, we foster an environment where your child can explore, create, and thrive. From whipping up culinary delights to crafting artistic masterpieces and diving into energetic sports, there's something for everyone at House of Fun.

More than just a childcare provider, we're dedicated to creating a safe, nurturing, and fun space for your child to flourish. Our experienced team ensures that every child's unique potential is nurtured, allowing them to develop new skills, make friends, and build confidence in a secure environment.

Join us for a day full of laughter, learning, and excitement! Book now and give your child the opportunity to make lasting memories and reach their full potential in our House of Fun camps.


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