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Kids Chess Camp London

London south east england Greater London SW10 9HF

Chess is a captivating game that offers numerous benefits for children. Beyond being a source of entertainment, it cultivates essential skills such as strategic thinking, critical analysis, and patience. By enrolling your child in our Holiday Chess Camp, you provide them with a unique opportunity to experience an enjoyable and educational holiday.

At our camp, we welcome children of all chess abilities. Whether your child is a novice or a seasoned tournament player, we have tailored programs to suit their needs. We carefully group children based on their skill level, ensuring that each child receives appropriate instruction and challenges.

During the camp, your child will engage in a variety of chess activities designed to deepen their knowledge of the game. Our knowledgeable coaches will guide them through structured learning sessions, where they will learn new strategies, tactics, and chess principles. Through interactive lessons, they will gain a solid foundation while enjoying the process of discovery.

To enhance their chess skills further, we incorporate puzzle-solving sessions into our camp program. These puzzles are carefully selected to provide engaging challenges that promote critical thinking and improve problem-solving abilities. By encouraging your child to tackle these puzzles, we foster their analytical skills and develop their ability to strategise effectively.

The day at our Holiday Chess Camp culminates in friendly tournaments, where children have the opportunity to showcase their newly acquired skills. These tournaments provide a thrilling experience as children compete against their peers in a supportive and encouraging environment. We celebrate their efforts by awarding prizes that recognise not only the winners but also individual achievements and progress.


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