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Reena Bhambi

270 Kingshill Avenue , Hayes , UB4 8BY

I am a private tutor who has been working in this industry for 24 years. My first experience of teaching  came as a PhD student where I had to teach a compulsory number of hours as a part of my own studies.  Having developed an interest in teaching, I decided to join a tuition agency and teach in my spare time, initially as a financial support towards student life. However, I very quickly saw many weaknesses and limitations within the private tuition format and I felt that I could deliver better results for my students and their parents, whilst ensuring the student picked up skills which they could apply to all their subjects and not just the ones for which they were receiving tutoring. Over the years I have progressed into professional life, however, I am still very passionate about learning and teaching how to learn, my core subjects are the Sciences, Maths and English, however I now have access to a bank of other tutors to facilitate other subjects also. My driving force is the prospect of creating 'Eureka!!' moments for my students, where their studies start to fall into  place. I currently tutor from my centre where I have the benefit of assistant tutors and teaching assistants to ensure my student gets the fullest support.

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Languages spoken: English, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, French


I take a rather informal approach to teaching in the sense, I expect students to address me by my first name and feel comfortable enough to be able to say 'I don't get it' and where necessary 'I still don't get it'. I feel this level of informalness breeds an open exchange where students do not feel shy, anxious or even frightened of 'getting it wrong in the pursuit of getting it right'.  I believe some of the most memorable ways of learning is to create varied learning exercises incuding mindmaps to aid memory, verbal learning and testing, to aid confidence and more structured lessons to aid full syllabus coverage. Nonetheless. there is a formal element to my teaching, which is that there is always a homework expectation, this is very necessary to ensure that what is learnt, gets the opportunity to be practised and tested. 

I am quite an energetic person and most of my current students describe me as someone they can talk to on their level. I think this helps generate mutual respect.

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