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The Heritage School

17-19 Brookside , Cambridge , Cambridgeshire , CB2 1JE

Heritage School opened its doors on the 5th of September 2007 to 16 pupils aged 4-7. The intention was to add a year group every year up to age 16. That goal was realised eight years later, from September 2015, when Heritage had a class in each year group from Reception (Lower Prep) to Year 11 for the first time, with approximately 180 pupils enrolled. The intention is to remain a one-form entry mainstream school, with a maximum capacity of 200 pupils.

A child is not a bucket to be filled, a lump of clay to be moulded, or a machine to be calibrated. Rather, every child is a person – equal in dignity and value to any other.

This profound idea raises important questions about the purpose of education. First, we need a working conception of what it means to be human in its various facets. Then we can consider the goal of human development. What kind of growth are we seeking to nurture, in what areas, and toward what end? Ultimately, education needs a destination. If you are setting out on a journey, it helps to know where you are going!

At Heritage, our understanding of the human person and of healthy human development is anchored in the Christian tradition. We therefore reject the reductionism that is widespread today. Far too often the stated goal of education is good exam results, as if that were a sufficient end in itself. Good exam results are important in our system, but we keep our eye on a more distant horizon – what kind of people are our pupils becoming? What kind of life are they being prepared to live? We work to maintain a culture that values learning for its own sake. Why? Because learning helps us grow as people. We do not let the demands of our exam system obscure this central purpose of education.

Healthy growth includes robust intellectual development. This involves much more than being able to manipulate information. As a child’s mind is properly fed by a rich and stimulating curriculum, we aim to tap into, and awaken, deeper human affinities.

We are looking for families who share our vision, for parents who are interested in robust intellectual development, but not at any price. We are looking for parents who are committed to the vigorous but balanced growth of their children as whole people.

We have often heard it said that Heritage has a very special atmosphere. We hope you will come and experience it for yourself.

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