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Apricity Fertility

Apricity uses the latest technology to reimagine a traditional fertility journey. This means that we do as much of your care at home as possible, from virtual consultations to at-home fertility tests delivered to your door. Our forward-thinking approach uses technology to bring our care team closer to you, wherever you are.

raditional fertility treatment requires up to 10 visits or more to a fertility clinic during a treatment cycle for consultations, diagnostics, ongoing blood tests and scans.  Arranging and attending appointments puts additional strain on patients at a time when they need support the most, especially for those who live far from a specialist clinic or when appointments conflict with work or other commitments. 

With Apricity, most patients only need to visit a fertility clinic between one and three times per cycle, rather than up to 10 times with a more traditional clinic.

Your egg collection or embryo transfer will take place at one of our partner clinics. Apricity works with world-class fertility clinics that provide outstanding patient care.

Throughout your treatment with a partner clinic you'll continue to be supported by your Apricity care team, on hand to answer questions and provide guidance. Following your procedure you'll return home under our care.

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