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bbhugme was founded in 2013 by three Norwegian chiropractors specialized in maternity care. Unable to find a good enough sleep product for the pregnant women they treated, our founders created the adjustable bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow.  

We have since grown to be a trusted global brand offering innovative concepts for pregnancy and feeding that combine wellness benefits with beautiful, functional style.

We understand that the journey through pregnancy and postpartum is beautiful yet challenging, and that rest is needed but not often prioritized. We believe that sleep, rest, comfort, and full-body support are vital to the well-being of pregnant women and new parents.  

We also know that each body and pregnancy is unique, which is why our products are versatile and adjustable, ready to meet your changing needs. Since our pillows are designed and endorsed by maternity healthcare professionals, you can rest assured that you are choosing the best for you and your baby.  

It is our daily mission to bring rest, comfort, well-being, and better sleep into the lives of pregnant women and families through innovative, versatile concepts. Our products use only the safest and most premium materials. We create products with durability and longevity in mind, supporting women from pregnancy through the entire motherhood journey. 

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