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Help Baby Sleep

I am passionate about providing you with a tailored plan that takes into account not only your baby's biological physical, nutritional and developmental needs, but also their emotional needs.

Helping New Borns

Although you can't expect a newborn to sleep through the night, you can begin to support healthy sleep patterns. If you are a new parent, let me help guide you through.

Baby Sleep Support Plan

If your child has reached 4 months and you're struggling to find a pattern that suits them. This is my core offering for parents who want to help their baby sleep.

Question Call

For standalone issues that you need advice on, such as nap transitions and timings, when to reduce day/night feeds, managing jet lag or sleeping away from home. Got questions? I've got answers.

Group Workshops

If you have an antenatal or postnatal group and would like some affordable and informal sleep advice in the company of your friends, I also offer group sleep sessions.

  • New Born Sleep Consultants