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Inessa Pregnancy Multinutrient is also one of the only pregnancy supplements in the UK to include a safe yet meaningful dose of choline. Known to support brain development in a growing foetus and found in food sources such as liver and egg yolks, it's thought that around 90% of women aren't getting enough choline through their diets.

Supplemental choline is recommended by the American Medical Association, with current US total daily intake guidelines of 450mg of choline during pregnancy and 550mg per day when breastfeeding. Yet here in the UK only a handful of companies include choline in their pregnancy supplements, most in token doses of 10 to 30mg, with only one other clinician brand using 200mg.

Inessa Pregnancy Multinutrient contains 250mg of choline per serving, the largest amount in UK products on the market, to give mums a significant starting base towards their daily intake through food. Even better, we've recently changed the type of choline in our Pregnancy Multinutrient based on customer feedback. Not only is the VitaCholine we use the gold standard when it comes to bioavailable choline, it's got much less of a distinctive smell - perfect for sensitive mums-to-be.

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