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IVF Matters Fertility Clinic

London south east england greater london W1G 9PF

We are a team of well-reputed specialists in fertility, andrology, nutrition, counselling, weight management, endocrinology, and genetics delivering excellence and innovation in fertility awareness and solutions.

We're putting an innovative lens over conventional consultancy and diagnostics services, focusing on making fertility care much more accessible to all across the UK.

We offer fertility consultations via video conferencing as well as face-to-face at our London clinic based at Harley Street.

Our comprehensive fertility test kits include an AMH test to determine antimullerian hormone levels, at-home fertility checks with sperm count tests and semen analysis, and other tests for male and female infertility. Get instantly examined for common reproductive problems such as endometriosis, fibroids, and PCOS.

Ultrasound scans are more accessible with us too, available at over 80 locations across the UK, so you can wave goodbye to waiting lists and get a quicker diagnosis.

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