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The couples antenatal class is all about making sure that you're as prepared as possible for the big day and helping to make sure that your birthing partner is going to be the best birthing partner they can possibly be!

 The class is perfect when you get to about 28 weeks or onwards in your pregnancy. Workshops are small and intimate giving both of you the opportunity to ask lots of questions and take a further in depth look at labour.

The class is very much about teaching your birthing partner to help them to be confident and be the best possible birthing partner that can be.  The class will cover various breathing techniques, alternative positions for labour, assisting baby into the all important optimal foetal position and massage techniques to use during labour.

We will discuss the principles of active birth and how to use them during your labour, we talk through your birthing plan and discuss the importance of things like the delivery of the placenta, delayed cord clamping, vitamin k, skin to skin to name but a few! I make sure that you and your partner are comfortable with the breathing techniques and I'll also teach you some massage techniques that you can use during labour to really stimulate those pain relieving endorphins!

 The couples antenatal class brings together a number of powerful techniques for each stage of your labour, leaving you to choose what appeals to you most at whatever stage of labour you find yourself in.

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