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Luna Wellness UK

If you scratch below the surface, you will find anything to do with the feminine that holds power is ridiculed and manipulated by patriarchy - menstruation, childbirth, breastfeeding. Our innate anatomy and physiology used against us as we are made to distrust our instincts and hand over our power.

My life experiences have taken me on a journey of unlearning and rediscovering that which has been hidden, eroded and taken away from us, to limit our power and prevent us from rising up and experiencing the magnificence of this life.

Growing up I fought against many ideals of society, found yoga, had a spiritual awakening and changed the course of my life. I had no interest in becoming a mother until my late 20s and so consequently when I became pregnant, I knew next to nothing about pregnancy, birth or babies! Growing another life inside of me was the catalyst for many changes.

My interest in spirituality and holistic health & wellness grew and I eventually left my job in the NHS to pursue this path, starting with reflexology, after understanding how beneficial the therapy is in supporting all the amazing physiology of Woman.

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