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Mothers Inc

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You have a choice of our wonderful Mothers Inc aromatherapy pregnancy oils which are blended specifically for the different stages of pregnancy. There is our classic pregnancy oil and then from 37 weeks onwards you can opt for our blend with Clary sage and Rosemary, these essential oils are thought to aid the progress of labour.

As a therapist, there is just no better feeling seeing a mother or mother-to-be relax as we work on reducing stress and creating relief from your aches and pains. Going through a consultation form, we will identify the areas that you would like us to focus on and tailor the treatment to your needs.

At Mothers Inc. pregnancy massage is performed on your side, this is how we were trained. We do not agree with the one size fits all bumps hole in the bed. We also feel, this is an unnatural position for a pregnant woman to be in for a prolonged period, and on top of that, with the added pressure applied from the therapist near the back/spine area.

Our Antenatal massages are very popular with our wonderful expectant mums. This is an exciting time for mums-to-be awaiting the pitter patter of tiny feet! With all the physical and emotional changes going on, any chance to unwind and relax is welcomed in preparation. An effective way to wave bye-bye to the common conditions like muscle/joint ache, headaches, stress, anxiety, swelling, indigestion etc. experienced during pregnancy and on top of that, our pregnancy massages are extremely relaxing.

We are fully qualified and knowledgeable to deliver pregnancy massage but equally as important, we love what we do, which makes for the best pregnancy massage in East Dulwich.

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