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MumsMeetUp helps to combat loneliness for mums by making it simple for them to find and meet other mums in their area, similar by age of child and circumstances, within just a few clicks.

It is a unique web based app, the first of it's kind, which has amassed a huge membership of mums from all areas of the UK and thousands of real life friendships have been formed.

Mums sign up because it provides a quick and simple solution for them to find others in their area, in the same boat and go on the journey of being a mum together. It allows them to initially make contact in a safe and secure environment, which is monitored constantly. They are able to search for mums in their area, in similar circumstances, with children of similar age, and then arrange to meet up in person - creating proper real life friendships for them and their children.

As well as meeting up one to one, mums can also arrange a group meet up for mums in their area and invite other mums to attend.

Our Blogs Directory provides a way for mums to find the best blogs, written by some of the most inspirational mums from across the UK who tell it as it is about all aspects of parenting. They are full of real life facts, advice and much humour.

Our new Family Directory will be filled with the best of British ideas for mums and their families. It is free for UK businesses and, especially business mums, with good quality ideas, to use.

There are parenting videos about all ages and stages of parenthood with advice and tips by parents and experts.

Mums love shopping and so we also provide details of the latest sales and offers from companies we have partnered with so that mums can find bargains for them and their family.

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