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Natures Aid

Nourishing your body with a healthy diet is undoubtedly important throughout life, especially when pregnant, breastfeeding or trying to conceive. The decision to have a baby is a very exciting one and can cause many women to think more carefully about their nutritional choices; your diet and lifestyle influence not only your health, but also that of your baby.

It is undoubtedly important to try to eat a balanced and healthy diet throughout your pregnancy, your body needs a wide range of nutrients to maintain your health and wellbeing, but also to nurture and grow your baby! Your requirements for certain nutrients increase throughout pregnancy, for example your body needs more Iron when pregnant, as this supports healthy red blood cells.

We have formulated a range of multivitamins to 'top-up' important nutrients, as life can sometimes get in the way of the maintaining a perfect diet. Our Pregnancy Multivitamin has been carefully created by our in-house experts to provide nutritional support during the important months before, during and after your pregnancy. Our Pregnancy Multivitamin does not include any GMO, gluten, yeast, dairy or nuts, providing you with peace of mind no matter what your dietary requirements.

This vegan friendly, carefully balanced complex is a handy, once-a-day tablet that containing key nutrients, including 23 active ingredients such as:

·         Iron to support the normal formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin.  Iron also helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue.

·         Folic Acid to support normal maternal tissue growth in pregnancy.  Low maternal folate status is a risk factor in the development of neural tube defects in the developing foetus.

·         Zinc to support normal fertility and reproduction, normal DNA synthesis and healthy immune function.

Our carefully crafted Pregnancy Multivitamin complex also includes several Carotenoids, including Beta Carotene. Your body can use Beta Carotene to manufacture Vitamin A but will only do so if you are not absorbing sufficient levels from your diet, for this reason Beta Carotene is a suggested as a source of Vitamin A by the NHS.

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