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Sammy Sleep Nanny - Baby & Child Sleep Consultant

Are you struggling and exhausted with lack of sleep? Are you feeling overwhelmed and not clear of a way out? Is your little one unable to self settle, waking frequently, rising early or unable to nap? Are you having bedtime battles?

Sleep deprivation can be brutal affecting the entire family. It can impact on relationships, decision making, work, health and mental wellbeing.

The good news is you don't need to struggle alone as help is here! I am a certified sleep consultant and coach parents how to help babies and young children to become efficient sleepers using holistic, gentle and responsive solutions. This encourages secure attachment and never entails a child feeling distressed

Your child and family all deserve consistent restorative sleep and restful nights to wake up refreshed and enjoy the day together. I absolutely love what I do as a Baby & Child Sleep Consultant, knowing I make such a huge difference in a family's life, it's not only so rewarding for me, but transformational for you. 

Some of the common sleep challenges I offer solutions to are:

Bedtime settling

Nap struggles and transitions

Rocking/holding/feeding to sleep

Ditching the dummy

Frequent night waking

Bed hopping

Early rising

Transitioning to a big bed

Night weaning

Moving out of parents room


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