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Sophie Wynne Wellness Massage

Following my second maternity leave with my previous employer, I had a real longing to work for myself. I found balancing work and childcare really difficult and wanted to work on something I truly felt passionate about.

Why massage therapy? My journey into training as a massage therapist stems from my experiences of pregnancy...the backache, pelvic girdle pain, insomnia, and overall exhaustion! I found massages so wonderful and beneficial, it gave me such comfort and helped ease the many aches I was experiencing. Once I entered motherhood, I was completely overwhelmed by the continued stress on my body physically, emotionally and mentally. I found the importance of having moments to myself and being able to switch off from the daily responsibilities essential to my mental health. These challenges led me to set up my business to focus on supporting women and their overall wellness, something I am truly passionate about. 

My treatment room is a safe space for you to have some time to yourself and allow yourself to switch off from the day to day responsibilities and stresses of life, whether that be family, work, or other anxieties. I want to ensure every massage meets your specific needs, whether it's targeting certain areas of your body to release muscle tension and relieve aches or supporting you with reducing anxiety and stress and supporting more quality sleep. 

I have also recently completed the Restore C-Section Specialist Scar Therapy Course. This means I am able to offer further support to mums who have had a caesarean birth and help them with recovery through scar massage. 

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