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The Bump Class

Our classes not only prepare you for the birth of your baby but we also spend time focussing on life once your baby has arrived, and preparing you as best we can for this. The course will prepare you in the following ways:

How best to look after yourself in pregnancy, during your delivery and after the birth. Your body is undergoing significant physical, hormonal and psychological changes. We look at common problems during this time, how to avoid them and where to seek help should you need it.

Preparing you for the delivery of your baby – we give you the skills and information you need to try to achieve a natural delivery but we understand that however well you prepare, this is not always possible. We therefore cover all types of pain relief and medical intervention, from assisted delivery to caesarean section thereby preparing you for all eventualities.

Looking after your baby after birth, including feeding, soothing, recognising common causes of crying and how to resolve them.  Our professionals cover what should be in your baby’s medical kit as well as common health problems for mother and baby in the postnatal period. Our breastfeeding experts, focus on how to establish successful breastfeeding. As well as covering basic baby care skills, we also offer a separate paediatric first aid course.

Establishing your support network. Fewer things are more important for new parents than a good support network. The Bump Team are available for help and advice after your baby is born. We recognise that one of the most important aspects of the course is the friendships built within your group, who will, inevitably form a large part of your support network.  Having a group of friends whose babies are the same age, who share the concerns and challenges that you will be facing cannot be underestimated.

There is no doubt that a parent who is informed is more confident.  Moreover, being well prepared for the arrival of your baby makes the first weeks considerably easier. Our support continues after the course has finished – we are on hand for any questions or worries you may have either during pregnancy, labour or once your baby has arrived.

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