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W+H London Pregnancy and Postnatal Physiotherapy and Osteopathy

 We are a physiotherapy and osteopathy practice specialising in women's health, pregnancy&postnatal and all pelvic dysfunctions.

Our highly trained therapists have an impressive combined 35 years experience and are completely dedicated to your wellbeing and rehabilitation.


We offer a full range of pregnancy care. From preparation to birth, check ups during pregnancy and the very important post natal rehabilitation. Our specialists have years of experience and extensive training in women's health physiotherapy.

But you don't need to be pregnant or postpartum for physiotherapy to help.


Osteopathy has been shown to help with many aspects of women's health and pregnancy. Osteopathy uses manipulations, stretching and massage to increase the joint mobility, relieve muscle tension and help the body's own healing mechanisms.


It is rather important to go through a full postnatal checkup after any delivery. Establishing the status of your body postpartum could avoid several damaging issues later on such as prolapse, incontinence, chronic back pain and more.

Chronic Pain

We have extensive knowledge and experience in treating and rehabilitating patients with chronic pain. We can help with neurological disorders, back pain, headaches and much more.


We offer a wide range of treatments for your body. Whether you want to look better, feel better or have an ongoing issue, our specialists will know exactly how to treat, rehabilitate and take care of you.

  • Complementary Therapy