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APEC Basketball London

108 Vine Ln, Uxbridge London UB10 0BE

Athletes Performance Excellence Company is a basketball specific, skills and performance enhancement training service, based in Greater London. APEC was created by Dominik Tannis-Harriet to provide an elite training experience like no other; drawing on his extensive knowledge of the basketball game, and basketball coaching techniques to do so. Dominik founded the company with the aim to take young athletes out of their comfort zone, and to push them past the ceilings of their own expectations, in order to shape their own growth and improvement.

APEC offers many avenues to enhance performance on the court, and caters for all levels of talent so that no one is left out, and everyone is able to work at their own speed to achieve their goals, and to essentially leave a better athlete than when they started. 

With APEC Basketball, Dominik is confident that he will help create and shape a new wave of elite, versatile and highly competitive athletes from all over the world to achieve and surpass their original expectations to get them to the next level.

The Main objective of APEC is to support young athletes on their journey to becoming high-level basketball players, who are committed to the game, and to the success of their own playing abilities. APEC provides intense individual training, with an additional offer of a weight-conditioning program to improve strength and stamina on the court, with off-court activities. APEC also offers season long training for small groups and teams of any sort. Plus holiday camps for a mix of sport and fun. Not to mention, highly specialist training for NBA Off Season Player Development & Pre-Draft Skill Training.

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