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Chance to Shine Cricket London

The Kia Oval, Kennington Oval, London SE11 5SS London South East England Greater London SE11 5SW

Chance to Shine Street cricket gives children and young adults in areas with less opportunities the chance to play the sport - 83% of players were not members of a traditional cricket club when they joined the sessions. Street offers a different way into the sport.

It's played with a tapeball, a tennis ball wrapped in electrical tape, plastic bats and matches last for just 20 minutes - it's cricket's answer to 5-a-side football!

The projects run after-school or at weekends, are completely free and players don't need to bring any equipment. The sessions run in sports halls, community centres and schools for two age groups - Youths (eight-16) and Young Adults (16-24).

Regular local leagues and tournaments run throughout the year to give the cricketers the opportunity to make friends with people from other areas and play in a competitive environment.

Chance to Shine Street is bringing the game to some of the poorest areas of the UK. 65% of Street cricketers live in the 30% most deprived areas of the UK.

Street cricket can also be powerful way for people to make new friends and to integrate into the community. Projects in cities like Coventry and Bristol who have a high number of refugees have used Street to engage with these people and help them to feel at home and welcome in the area.

Chance to Shine works in schools to provide children with a brilliant first experience of cricket. We work with the 39 County Cricket Boards across England and Wales and Cricket Scotland to send specialist coaches into schools, once a week for six weeks, to support cricket coaching.

As well as the physical benefits of regular activity, we use cricket to teach children important key life skills that will help them beyond the playground. Through the values of cricket, we teach children about respect and fair play.

Cricket is also an effective way to develop skills like communication, leadership and perseverance that will benefit them throughout their life.

We believe that cricket is an inclusive sport, where girls and boys can play and learn together. We think that normalising female participation in cricket is a hugely important and valuable part of the work that we do. In 2020, we reached as many girls as boys for the first time and this continues to be the case, in 2022 we reached our six millionth participant. We think it is vitally important for girls and boys to learn to work and play together from an early age.

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