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Feltham Academy Browells Ln

Feltham London Greater London TW13 7EF

We believe that all football playing countries need a stronger grassroots program if the next generation are to love the sport. While grassroots is the heartbeat of kids loving football, parents are rarely trained or equiped to introduce the sport in those crucial early stages, especially with such large groups and little support.

We Make Footballers are not just equiped, but proven at helping all children, no matter their ability, to be the best footballers they can be. We help our players achieve their potential while enjoying the journey.

200+ players signed at pro clubs
Over the years we've developed a discovery learning theory to make our training fun, but effective. With over 200 players signed to professional clubs, it seems to be working!

The right approach
We find if you give players all the answers, they get lazy. They don't think for themselves. They can't problem solve. We want to present situations in which the environment teaches them and they can learn continuously with no fear of making mistakes.

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