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LA Academy

Cambridge eastern England Cambridgeshire CB23 2TT

LA Academy was set up by Jeremy Burridge in October 2022. Having been one of the founders of LittleAqua way back in 2012, now one of the biggest private swim schools in the UK, Jeremy wanted to return to his roots. Having learnt so much from his previous journey, LA Academy opened its doors across 3 exclusive venues in his hometown of Cambridge. Our aim was to provide something different, not just a passion, but to change lives by teaching children to swim

Our way of teaching has been carefully crafted to give every swimmer a unique experience. Our hands on and play based approach will not only teach them how to swim but also build their character.

LA Academy's learn to swim scheme has been designed to teach all classes in either 1:1 or 2:1 ratio, with 100% attention and time given to the students' progression and enjoyment. We follow our own tailored award scheme and each student receives a colourful, engaging progression book in order to follow their own journey.

The starting point being confidence, this underpins our whole award scheme. Next they will learn to float unaided on their front and back before the strokes are taught. Why? Because having the correct body position is fundamental in learning to swim the correct technique of each stroke.

Every parent wants their children to be safe in the water. Our method and small class sizes are guaranteed to bring about fast results - unlocking your child's potential and giving them the platform to learn essential life skills, in and out of the water.

The scheme of work is designed so each swimmer can progress at their own pace and see their own achievements. Our specially trained instructors assess their progress each week and provide you with individual feedback at the end of every lesson. Each level has its own certificates to work towards and once a swimmer is ready to move up, they receive a badge for all their efforts.

Parents will have their own online portal. We use this to regularly communicate with parents on everything that is happening at LA Academy. Time in the water practicing and perfecting skills is invaluable, so we also have a catch-up feature to rebook sessions you cannot attend.

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