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Middlesex FA London

Rectory Park, Ruislip Road Northolt UB5 5FA

Established in 1883, we are responsible for clubs, players and referees in some of the most densely populated areas of the country and are committed to offering opportunities for everyone to be involved with football. 

Our Mission

Inspire our community to get involved in football. 

Our Vision

Deliver a Modern, Dynamic and Customer Centered football experience.  

Our Values

We are Committed 

We are Creative

We are Collaborative

We are Connected

Our Team Mission

 Enjoy today and be better than yesterday.

Our Priorities 

Develop the Business

High Quality Introduction to Football.

Develop Clubs and Leagues to Meet the Players Needs

Embrace all Formats and Engage all Participants 

Running the Game

Rectory Park

  • Foot Ball