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Our mission at Sports 4 Tots is to provide professional multi sports coaching to children of all abilities in a safe and fun environment. We want to spark a love for sport at an early age to allow children to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle as they grow older.

Our teaching programme is multi sport based and focuses on learning core fundamental skills as well as sport specific skills. We believe this gives our students a diverse skill set and introduces children to a diverse range of sports at an early age. Our lessons are structured, exciting, educational and above all fun.

Sports 4 Tots recognise the increasing rise in childhood obesity and we believe it is paramount that physical activity and sport play an important role in a child's life from an early age.

We aim to improve fundamental skills such as balance, co - ordination and agility and also improve upon social skills such as communication, listening, sharing, following instructions and being part of a team. Our lessons also incorporate counting, colours and shape recognition.

Our lessons fit in with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and adhere to the guidelines stated by Ofsted and the National Curriculum.

  • Basket ball
  • Foot Ball
  • Tennis
  • Multi Sports